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Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

 We make custom and bespoke bags for pole vault and rock climbing in just about any colour you can think of.  We also build made to order pole vault equipment and gym equipment that you may not be able to find anywhere else.  We ourselves on build quality and functionality our products are built to last and rival any existing products for durability.

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LEJEND was made out of a need for higher quality and the want for more choice.  Offering an alternative from the mainstream, providing products that have been specially developed and engineered with world class athletes to provide the very best functional equipment, provided in a range of alternative colours and designs.  We are passionate about performance which is why our products are designed at the highest quality and function available.

The team at LEJEND are a blend of world class athletes and fabric engineering  professionals with additional input from world renowned coaches and trainers.  Based in the UK LEJEND was established in 2001 providing private coaching services, however in 2012 the  custom bag was conceived and in 2013 the LEJEND brand was confirmed and the website was launched enabling everyone to be part of the fun.

We genuinely believe in quality and function and will only do something if it makes sense, that's why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our pole vault bags.

We always encourage custom build products, please contact us if you have a special requirement that we don't currently offer.

What ever you do, have fun doing it!

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