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If it's just a quick question then use this get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  For more detailed question about bag specifics please submit a build bag form.


Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

 We make custom and bespoke bags for pole vault and rock climbing in just about any colour you can think of.  We also build made to order pole vault equipment and gym equipment that you may not be able to find anywhere else.  We ourselves on build quality and functionality our products are built to last and rival any existing products for durability.



LEJEND bags are constructed differently to most bags on the market, we use premium grade fabrics,  the best industrial standard machinery, unique designs and styles combined with the attention to detail you would expect from bags inspired and developed by athletes.  Other bags you may have noticed have gaping stitches, wear through at the ends quickly and in most cases are about as exciting as a mouldy stick to look at.  We genuinely want you to have something that outperforms and outlasts other bags and looks unique to suit your personality and needs.

What Design can I have?

You can have almost any design within the realms of practicality that you can imagine.  We can build the bag from tarp colours (pre-coloured tarp), we can print a full or part bag design or we can sandwich a fabric between a clear layer and a base-layer (SuperPro).

What are LEJEND bags made from?

Our bags are made using the highest grade industrial materials.  Our Tarp is the same stuff that the best lorry curtains are made of, a super heavy duty PVC with a nylon weave which acts as RipStop.  Cordura is also used in our bags usually as a lining, this is a military spec polyester weave it has a PU backing making it waterproof and strong.  Straps, buckles and zips are industrial grade.  Our thread is rot proof bonded nylon. Sew on letter are custom ordered and made from felt with a thread edging.

How Long will it take to get a custom bag?

A complete build turn around can take anywhere between 3 days and 4 weeks depending on the bag design, shipping in the UK takes around 3 working days.  Ready made bags are shipped the following day.  Sometimes bags can take longer depending on design.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to almost everywhere in the world,  please let us know which country you are from in the Bag Build Form.

Are LEJEND bags waterproof?

All bags are waterproof, while we don't recommend you take them scuba diving with you, they are more than capable or protecting against the most adverse weather conditions.

Should I get a clear layer?

 Like varnish on wood the clear layers give the bag a glossy clean finish and can help protect underlying surfaces, you can choose to add a clear layer to a regular bag, clear layers are standard on a SuperPro.  The clear layer is the same PVC used as base layers however without the nylon weave which means its not quite as resistant to sharp abrasions.

Yes - If you treat the bag well / if you want to protect print or the design from scratching over time / if you want more compliments... 

No - If you abuse the bag / travel on planes frequently / if the bag is subject to sharp abrasions

What is a LEJEND Pro?

A bag made from a single skin of heavy duty truck tarp with replaceable re-enforced tarp end caps.


A bag made using a clear outer and a base layer to sandwich any fabric in the middle, this is a popular choice when the middle layer is not waterproof or someone is looking for a very heavy duty bag.

Can LEJEND do all the images for the print?

Yes, although this comes at an addition charge.  To make sure the bags look as great as they should we prefer to use only vector images for full print or very hi-res images if only a smaller print area.  If you can provide us with the image in a vector or hi-res format it will minimise set up cost.  For example if you want the bag printed with your school team logo 2ft in length you should first find an image that can be enlarged to that size without pixelating or distorting.  try and obtain the original file used to create a given logo.  Generally speaking if the image is in a jpeg format it probably wont be very hi quality.  If you want a logo or design made on a budget it may be worth approaching designers on sites such as fivesquid or uk.fiverr to name a couple.

Do I need a plastic insert tube?

We would always recommend using the PolyPipe tubes to help protect the poles, these will also give shape to the bag better showing off the design.  The required tubes are 6" / 150mm internal diameter, typically vaulters chose one of 2 types: rigid or semi-rigid.  The rigid is preferred when travelling by plane or when stored in an area that the poles might get other pole bags thrown on top.  Personally we would suggest getting rigid and being done with it. The tube comes in 6m lengths, you can use most types of saws to cut it to the size you need, we would suggest cutting 2-6cm longer than the longest pole to be carried in the bag (eg: 4.30m poles cut the tube to 4.32m-4.36m). When you move on to a longer pole in the future just cut the additional length required, duck tape it to the existing length and insert the new piece in the bag first.

Here are a couple of different places that sell the tube required:

JPD -   - We have dealt with these guys and they're very helpful

Drainage Centre -  

Mini Sized Bag or Standard size bag?

This is a common question when buying for a youngster that use only a few poles.

The Mini Pro was introduced to allow youngsters starting out in the sport to get in on the LEJEND action too, making an affordable option to bridge the gap until they require a bag for a set of poles.  The Mini Pro is only designed to hold 3-4 poles, while you may be able to squeeze more in the bag we would suggest going for a standard size if you are already using sets of poles.  There is no Mini Superpro option available however we can SuperPro the removable cap and the rest of the bag can be customized just like the Pro.  End caps are not replaceable on the Mini Pro.