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Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

 We make custom and bespoke bags for pole vault and rock climbing in just about any colour you can think of.  We also build made to order pole vault equipment and gym equipment that you may not be able to find anywhere else.  We ourselves on build quality and functionality our products are built to last and rival any existing products for durability.

Personal Training / S&C / Coaching

LEJEND Personal Training and Specialist Sport Coaching and Strength & Conditioning.

This page is dedicated to services related to Personal Training, Sports Coaching and Sports Physical Preparation & Conditioning

Personal Training - One to One & group sessions delivered by a Great Britain International Athlete.

Louis  E. J

Great Britain Decathlete, DiP-PT/DiP-SMT/DiP-Nutrition, Athletics Coach, Strength & Conditioning and Sports Preparation Coach

British Athletics League 110m Hurdles

British Athletics League 110m Hurdles

Between 1999-2009 I competed for the Great Britain Athletics Team in the decathlon. Since 2004 I have worked with Olympic GB athletes providing strength & conditioning, fitness and technical coaching as well as working with the British Athletics Medical Team for 2 years as a sports rehabilitation & massage therapist.  In 2015 I had a number of nutrition related articles published in US health journals while I also provided coach education to established Personal Trainers.  I have also work with ammeter body builders, Olympic weight lifters, triathletes, team sports people and racing drivers. 


Warm Weather Training in South Africa 2008

When I am not working with athletes I offer my services as a Personal Trainer, working with everyone from those who want to look perfect for their wedding day to those who crave the figure they've always dreamed of. I also provide lifestyle change programmes for those who NEED to make changes through diet, exercise and habitual routine for improved quality of life. 

Please be aware that I am NOT your regular off the peg - 2 week qualification PT.  I do NOT use fads or gimmicks, I am NOT associated with any health or sport supplementation companies and therefore I will NOT attempt to sell you / advise you on supplements or products that you do not need. I am honest, and work on training principles that are proven to work and so I am able to get you in to the best shape possible. I aim to provide my clients with the knowledge they need to continue their health and fitness journey on their own should they wish. 


Group Training per 45 minutes

X2 people £35 / X3 people £40 / X4 people £45 / X5 people £50 / 6-20 people £55

For those who want to train in a group and don't like having all the focus on them

One to One

45 minutes £30 / 60 minutes £35 / 90 minutes £45

100% Quality, focused One on One training time to get the best out of the session and the best out of you

(first session 90 minutes)

Lifestyle Change Programmes

This is an all encompassing, holistic service taking care of all the little details to help you save time, stay focused and get fast results.  This service is usually best suited to those who find it difficult to stay motivated and provides multiple session each week, constant diet monitoring and an on call service to help keep you on track. This is also great for someone that lives a busy work life and needs some implemented balance.

3 months - 12 months rates to be discussed depending on services and frequency required


Under 18's Skill Acquisition / Co-ordination / Speed / Physical Mechanics Coaching

For  children that are currently involved in / wish to be involved in sport at an elite level.  This service provides coaching for the fundamental principles that successful sports men and women need, preparing youngsters for a successful future in sport.  Here your young superstars will learn how to run fast, gain key skills in co-ordination and learn correct movement patterns to reduce injury risk later in their carrier and their lifetime.  I also aim to instil a strong mentality to help deal with competition stress and promote focus.

Please contact me to discuss your child's individual needs

1 hour sessions from: £25

Athletics Coaching

Making the best better...

Coaching all track and field events (excluding hammer), currently working with some of the best athletes in the country

£10-£30 session (session = 1 hour)

All Personal Training can be carried out in your own home, your gym, place of work or public location

All prices are subject to my availability and should be used as a guide as additional fees may be required for travel / expenses, while in some cases prices are lower, please contact me for further details.