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Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

 We make custom and bespoke bags for pole vault and rock climbing in just about any colour you can think of.  We also build made to order pole vault equipment and gym equipment that you may not be able to find anywhere else.  We ourselves on build quality and functionality our products are built to last and rival any existing products for durability.

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The Patriot

The first LEJEND Patriot was built for Adam Hague - Junior European Champion & Junior World Record Holder of Great Britain.  

Opting for a custom design Adam asked us for something that incorporated the British flag so we set to work to design and build one of the most eye catching and robust LEJEND bags yet.  A truly unique bag to compliment a truly unique athlete.



LEJEND Patriot Specification:


Ultra durable hard wearing main tube in Red, Blue or White - Using the heaviest duty materials available the Patriot delivers main tube durability that other bags are envious of.


Leather End Protectors - With premium hide leather ends the patriot laughs in the face of the airport staff "draggers", ensuring that you won't have to worry about holes in your bag once you get your poles off the plane.


Zip/H&L Closure - Slimming down the chances of damage due to loose straps we've replaced the 3 clip end cap with a zip/hook & loop system to tidy up the standard bags closure.

Introducing the LEJEND Patriot

The new range of LEJEND pole vault bags shows why we are the No 1 choice for pole vault bags in the UK, Europe and the world


Patriot as shown - £ 475

Patriot - £249

Optional Extras:

Coloured Leather Ends + £15

Name + £3 Per Letter

National Flag Design - Please contact us to discuss